Quadro Coatings Inc. is a Canadian distributor who supplies the construction industry with a unique and specific product mix of protective coatings, sealants, roofing and rainscreen materials.

EST. 1990

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Quadro Coatings Inc. began in 1990 with a very specific focus on high quality cold liquid-applied waterproof deck membranes, to compliment the Duradek vinyl waterproof decking systems offered by our sister company, Duradek Canada.

That focus on liquid membranes continues as our presentation of products has grown, and today Quadro Coatings is recognized as an industry leader in waterproof deck coatings.

The technical sciences and support for coating products are interwoven with those of the protective rainscreen and sealant products; hence further development of product groups available at Quadro Coatings.

Quadro’s presentation of rainscreen materials has developed a parallel market for below grade drains. Coatings and sealants for concrete require due care and attention to substrate conditions, requiring Quadro to provide a variety of compatible concrete repair systems. Substrate conditions and preparation are integral to effective coating applications, hence Quadro’s presentation of chemical cleaners, remedial strippers, and restoration products.

Quadro Coatings incorporated continues to partner with Duradek Canada and the rest of the Quadro ventures group to present technical support to the industry to optimize the products and installation skills necessary for success.