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Finishing products include decorative flooring systems, industrial flooring systems, acrylic sealers, urethane systems, epoxy systems, colored aggregate systems, vinyl flake systems, freezer floors, food safe flooring systems, roof coatings systems and elastomeric wall coatings.

Visit the manufacturer’s websites linked below to see their product descriptions, product data sheets and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Once you know what product you need we can discuss volume and pricing. Contact us to order any of these products.



Floric Polytech Epamine Epoxies

  • Clearseal: 100% acrylic and completely uv stable without additives. It’s a solvent borne acrylic with silicon modification for superior adhesion.
  • Chroma Quartz: Unique combination of industrial grade epoxies and ceramic coated quartz is a high-impact, uniform, low maintenance surface that’s hard, durable, and impervious.
  • Metallics FX: A proprietary blending method of metallic pigments and industrial grade epoxies.
  • Colorseal

Floric Polytech Epathane Urethanes

  • Color Flakes: decorative color flake epoxy coating blends up to eight standard background colors with eight standard vinyl chip flake blends for a wide variety of styles.
  • Clearseal
  • Colorseal
  • Chroma Quartz

Floric Polytech Stains

  • Chroma-Tech™ Acid-Stain: Enhance concrete surfaces with unlimited colors and character. The highest concentration of coloring salts in the industry provides rich, deep colors that are easily applied.
  • Chroma-Tech™ Polystain: A blend of polymers, co-solvents, surfactants, dispersing and wetting agents with pre-measured pigment packs that are mixed in at the time of application.

Floric Polytech Sealers

  • Acrylic
  • Polyaspartic
  • Cru

Selby Epoxy Systems – Clear & Colored

  • Selbaclad: Selbaclad vc is a 100% solids tinted epoxy resin with specially blended aggregates.
  • Selbachem: 100% solids epoxy coating system. many choices depending on needs.
  • Selbaflex: Selbaflex is a 45 – 65 mil flexible epoxy surfacing system. Extremely tough and highly chemical-resistant floor finish.
  • Selbaglaze: Selbaglaze is a high-solids glazed epoxy wall system.
  • Selbalux
  • Selbatweed

Selby Urethane Traffic Bearing Coatings

  • Selbagard: Selbagard zero voc is a two-component 100% solids polyurethane membrane system.

Ucrete Performance Flooring

  • Ucrete® HF: A three-component polyurethane-concrete flooring system.
  • Ucrete® MF: A three-component polyurethane-concrete floor system forms a smooth matte surface.
  • Ucrete® HP / HPQ: Are three-component polyurethane-concrete systems with a broadcast aggregate; HP/Q uses a colored quartz aggregate to yield a textured surface; HP uses a translucent quartz aggregate.
  • Ucrete® Fast Floor: Employs a three-component polyurethane-concrete material over a two-component fluid-applied polyurethane primer; it has a semi-matte smooth finish.
  • Ucrete® WR: A three-component polyurethane-concrete material. It is used with other Ucrete® products to form cove bases.


  • Excel-Coat Pedestrian Traffic Systems: A three-step, fiberglass-reinforced, acrylic deck coating system designed for waterproofing deck surfaces.
  • Excel-Coat Fire System: A “class A”, one-hour fire rated, acrylic deck coating system designed to provide a waterproof wearing surface for areas exposed to pedestrian traffic.
  • Excel-Coat KD Systems: A decorative latex modified cementitious coating that includes a base coat and texture coat, topped with an acrylic sealer.
  • Floric Polytech MT200 Micro Topping: Cemlogic™ MT-200 micro-topping provides you with a new canvas for applying various staining techniques and can be integrally colored to simulate hard troweled colored concrete.
  • Floric Polytech MT200 Resurfacer: Cemlogic™ MT-200 resurfacer can easily be applied by brush, trowel, squeegee, roller or spray to produce a tough, water resistant surface with strong abrasion and salt resistance.
  • Floric Polytech ST200 Stampable Overlay: Cemlogic™ ST-200 stampable-overlay provides a uniform surface that faithfully transfers texturing from concrete stamps.



  • United Canyon Tones: Pigmented water-repellent stain which penetrates into concrete and masonry surfaces to provide long term color stability and water-repellency for architectural and construction applications.
  • Thorosheen®: A water-based 100% acrylic paint for concrete and masonry.


  • Thoroguard: Thorogard is a water-based, elastomeric, acrylic smooth coating specifically designed for recoat applications.
  • Flexcoat™: A water-based, voc-compliant, high-build, 100% acrylic emulsion, elastomeric decorative coating.
  • Thorolastic®: A water-based elastomeric, high-build acrylic coating for exterior stucco, masonry, concrete, and eifs.
  • Colorflex™: A water-based voc-compliant, 100% acrylic elastomeric decorative coating for exterior masonry.
  • Aquathon: A permanently elastomeric, 100% acrylic membrane for providing waterproofing protection on exterior concrete, masonry, stucco and wood wall surfaces.


  • Thoroglaze: A semi-gloss acrylic film-forming sealer for concrete, exposed aggregate, stucco, and previously coated surfaces.
  • Thoro Pigmented Sealer: A water-based, tinted, semi-transparent acrylic stain for sealing and protecting concrete, stucco, eifs, and masonry.
  • Excel Coat 300 Pigmented/Clear: High quality, fiberglass-reinforced, acrylic resins and latex modified cements which provide tough, flexible finishes with outstanding waterproofing and weathering characteristics.




  • United Roofmate Preservation System: A unique waterproofing membrane designed to extend the life of virtually any new or existing roof substrate. Reflects up to 85% of the sun’s rays. Reduces interior temperature.
  • United Roofmate Base Coat: Developed for use in embedding reinforcement fabric at detail areas and/or over the entire roof.
  • United Roofmate Finish Coat: Roof mate forms a waterproof elastomeric seal, uniformly covering the textured profile of various substrates to form a monolithic membrane, providing protection from normal weathering, aging and ultraviolet exposure.
  • United Roofmate Seamseal: A single-package, moisture-cured polyurethane sealant manufactured in a workable, flow-grade consistency.
  • United Roofmate Unitape: A butyl-backed woven polymer reinforcing fabric designed for application to a wide range of substrates where additional strength is required over seams, splits, transitions, protrusions, etc.
  • United Roofmate Seamseal Unicap: An innovative, new method of preventing leaks, rust and backout of metal roof fasteners.




  • CIM 800 Asphaltic Urethane: Below grade/roofing. two-component systems that form a seamless, tough elastomeric coating.
  • CIM 1000 Elastomeric Membrane: A liquid applied urethane coating forms a tough elastomeric liner that adheres to most substrates. chemical and abrasion resistant barrier for waterproofing, corrosion protection, and containment of water and most aqueous chemicals.
  • Neoguard Direct Bond Roofing System: Permaguard Base Coat, Permathane II Top Coat