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Concrete products include cure & seal, dust proofing, moisture barrier, damp proofing, waterproofing, repair mortars, concrete repair, crack repair, injection systems, cementitious grouts, polymer grouts, underlayments, concrete dyes, concrete stains, concrete cleaners, decorative concrete and micro-topping.

Visit the manufacturer’s websites linked below to see their product descriptions, product data sheets and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Once you know what concrete product you need we can discuss volume and pricing. Contact us to order any of these products.



  • Sonneborn Kure-N-Seal WP: Kure-N-Seal™ WB is a waterborne, acrylic, 15% solids, and transparent curing, sealing, and dustproofing compound.
  • Sonneborn Kure-N-Seal: Kure-N-Seal™ is a transparent, sprayable, acrylic-based polymer solution that cures, seals, and dustproofs.
  • Masterkure 200 W: Masterkure® 200W is a water-based polymer and wax-emulsion curing and sealing compound.


  • Sonneborn Cast Off®: Cast-off® is a solvent-based, voc-compliant, nonstaining form-release agent.
  • Sonneborn Sonosil: Sonosil® is a clear water-soluble, sodium-silicate-based hardening and dustproofing compound.
  • Sonneborn Lapidolith: Lapidolith® is a magnesium-flurosilicate concrete hardener and dustproofer that bonds chemically with concrete to strengthen and harden.
  • Sonneborn Citrus Degreaser & Cleaner: Citrus degreaser and cleaner is a nonpetroleum-based product used to remove grease and stains from concrete.
  • AQUAFIN-IC Crystaline Waterproofing: State-of the art one-component, penetrating cementitious material which waterproofs and protects new or old structurally sound concrete or concrete masonry in-depth. it resists strong hydrostatic pressure and is not a vapor barrier (lets concrete “breathe”).


  • Sonneborn Kure-N-Seal 25Kure-N-Seal™ 25 LV is a transparent, low-viscosity, 25% solids, voc-compliant, and solvent-based acrylic curing, sealing, and dustproofing compound designed for better application at cool temperatures.
  • Sonneborn Kure-N-Seal 30: Kure-N-Seal™ 30 is a transparent, 30% solids, solvent-based, acrylic curing membrane.
  • Mastertop® 110 plus underlaymentA self-leveling poured-in-place cementitious nonstructural floor underlayment. It is used over precast and cast-in-place concrete floors.


  • Mastertop Topping: Mastertop® Topping 112 is a polymer-modified cement-based topping.
  • Mastertop Anvil Top: Mastertop® Anvil-Top® 300 is a cement-based metallic-aggregate floor topping.



  • Sonneborn Set Grout: Set® 45 is a one-component magnesium phosphate-based patching and repair mortar.
  • Sonneborn Construction Grout: Construction grout is a noncatalyzed, multi-purpose construction grout containing mineral aggregate.
  • Masterflow 928: Masterflow® 928 grout is a hydraulic cement-based mineral-aggregate grout with an extended working time.
  • Sonnopost
  • Sonneborn 14K HY Flow


  • Masterflow MP: Masterflow® MP Grout is a three-component epoxy grout. It is used for anchoring bolts and rebar, for baseplate support,
  • Masterflow 648/CP/CP Plus: Masterflow® 648 CP is a high-performance epoxy grouting material for support of heavy equipment. Masterflow® 648 cp plus grout is three-component modified epoxy-resin-based grout with variable fill rates.


  • Mastertop 110: Mastertop® 110 Plus underlayment is a self-leveling poured-in-place cementitious nonstructural floor underlayment.
  • Sonnoflow



  • Emaco® Plug: Emaco® Plug is a cement-based water-stop mortar. it will stop running and seeping water through cracks in concrete under hydrostatic pressure.
  • Emaco® 503: A fast-setting hydraulic-cement mortar that stops flowing water through holes and cracks in concrete and masonry surfaces.
  • Aquafin Mortar-LN: Waterproof cementitious repair & lining mortar
  • Aquafin Mortar-40: One-component, cementitious structural repair mortar
  • Aquafin Mortar-CA: Highly corrosion resistant cementitious liner – calcium aluminate formulation


  • Sonnopatch 100/FS: Sonopatch® fs is a fast-setting polymer-modified cementitious repair mortar for horizontal, vertical, or overhead surfaces.
  • Masterpatch: Masterpatch® 95 consists of a 100% reactive modified-aliphatic amine hardener, a liquid epoxy resin-based material, and specially processed and graded metallic aggregate.
  • Sonneborn Gel Patch: Sonocrete® gel patch is a lightweight, one-component, highength, polymer-modified, silica-fume-enhanced repair mortar.
  • 10-60 Rapid Mortar: A one-component shrinkage-compensated very rapid-setting cement-based mortar. it is designed for horizontal concrete surfaces where high early strength gain is required.
  • Set® 45 or Set® 45hw (hot weather): A one-component magnesium phosphate-based patching and repair mortar.
  • Polytuff E-Tuff® Repair & Resloping System: Environmentally friendly, solvent and t.d.i. free, high performance products for the commercial and institutional markets.
  • Aquafin Mortar-IC: Fast-setting crystalline waterproof, repair & sealing mortar.
  • Aquafin Mortar-LN: Waterproof cementitious repair & lining mortar.
  • Aquafin Mortar-40: One-component, cementitious structural repair mortar.
  • Aquafin Mortar-CA: Highly corrosion-resistant cementitious liner, calcium aluminate formulation.
  • Thoropatch


  • Sonneborn Epofil/Epofil SLV: Epofil™ is a high-modulus, low-viscosity epoxy injection resin and sealer used for highength bonding of cracks. Epofil™ SLV is a high-modulus, super-low-viscosity epoxy injection resin and sealer formulated for ultra-deep penetration for highength bonding of very fine cracks.
  • Sonneborn Concresive® Standard LVI: A two-component moisture-insensitive 100% solids low-viscosity epoxy adhesive. It penetrates cracks and voids, bonding hardened concrete to hardened concrete.
  • Sonneborn Concresive® 1420: A two-component 100% solids nonsag epoxy adhesive.
  • Polytuff P-Tuff™ Crack Filling System: Alone or in conjunction with various proportions of fine rubber granules may be used as a caulking or crack-filling compound, cures faster than conventional urethane caulks.
  • Anvil Bond


  • Sonneborn LA40 Repair Mortar: A one-component shrinkage-compensated micro concrete. It is designed for large volume repairs, including structural elements.
  • Masterpatch 240 CR: Masterpatch® 240 CR repair concrete is a proprietary blend of portland cement, graded aggregate, and additives.
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